Monday, February 11, 2013

Size Does Matter

There are rumors that Apple will release iPhone 6 with a larger screen (4.8 or 5 inches) this year.
It was about time!
I am so close to switching to a larger screen smartphone (i.e. Samsung, as there is no other competitor that is in the same league with Apple).

How difficult is to make a phone with a larger screen?

One day Iacocca went to his chief engineer and said, "I want to add a convertible to our line." The engineer responded, "Yes sir. We can have a design ready for you in about nine months." Iacocca fired back, "No! You don't understand. I've made a decision. I want action. Take a car and saw the damn top off."

Just put a larger screen on the 'damn' phone!

I am still happy (minus the battery) with my 3 years old iPhone 3GS but what I need is a larger screen, don't want to carry a mini tablet as well. Give me the phlabet.

I look with jealousy (and desire) at my colleagues who have phones with larger screens.

I suffer from smartphone envy.
With the iPhone 6, the display is said to not only be larger, it’s specifically claimed in a note to be 4.8 inches in size or 5 inches in size. The image you see above comes from iMore where writer/illustrator Rene Richie has mocked up what the iPhone 6 might look like compared with a collection of popular devices. You’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 900, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, and Samsung Galaxy Note II. As you can see, it’s been generally accepted thus far that the iPhone 6 will have essentially the same amount of pixels as the iPhone 5, just spread out a bit more as it is with the iPad mini compared with the iPad 2.

From iPhone 6 tipped to team with iPhone 5S inside 2013

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