Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dow closes above 14,000 for first time since 2007

This is a moment of financial joy but unfortunately not for me.

BearingPoint and Nortel are still dead and nothing will resurrect them. RIM is still at a 90% loss.

Sino-Forest, China Electric, LongTop Financials are still fraud companies (a few more details in a previous post of mine No More Chinese Companies).

My India funds (IFN and IIF) are still 60% lower!

The penny stocks I own are even 'pennier': a few have gone bankrupt, some have been exploring and exploring but to no avail, and the few that produce don't seem to do it too successfully.

Barclays and ING (Dutch bank, and I thought they were serious) are still -51% and -68% respectively.

The natural gas is still very low (I bought it in 2009 reasoning 'how much lower could it go?' but it did and a lot).

And my former darling Uranium stocks that seemed poised to rule the stock exchanges all over the world still have a long way to go to pre-Fukushima levels (they need to double to be more exact).

Dow Jones for the past 10 years

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