Sunday, February 10, 2013

"I’ll Miss You Starbucks!"

It is a title like that that fills my heart with joy as I am a Starbucks shareholder, a minuscule one but nevertheless a shareholder (see here Why I bought Starbucks).

My comments were not allowed but this is my blog so I can have them here :):

  1. Laptop Nomad said,
    When I go overseas I stop drinking coffee as it is
    Nescafe which I can’t stand. I drink green tea which
    is one of my favorite drinks. I think I have had about
    Starbucks coffee about three times in my life. Not a big
    fan of Starbucks.
  2. ralf said, Huh? Starbucks coffee is overpriced poor coffee.
    Visit Italy on your EU trip and find out how real coffee tastes.

    NZ has excellent coffee at every street corner.
    There’s something wrong with you…
  3. NB said,
    Starbucks makes some of the worst non-instant coffee in the western world. Pretty well everywhere in Europe (I don’t know the Norwegian countryside so can’t be sure there, but everywhere I’ve been) you can get proper coffee rather than Starbucks’ Disney-esque c*%p. Even in the USA, a country known for poor food and colored water masquerading as coffee, it’s easy to get a liquid better than that which Starbucks offers.
@Laptop Nomad
I do not think I like your attitude :)

@ralf, @NB
I do not like you either :)

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