Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Eagle that Turned Out to Be a Turkey

It is Eagle Energy Trust (EGL-UN.TO) that came with recommendations from a friend who uses a financial adviser for his account and from Mich ( whom I still trust, at least more than me :).

My friend sent me some time 10 months ago an e-mail with the subject 'load up, boys', he said target price was $14.5 to 20, 10% yield at that moment and they were a 'bunch of Income Trust refugees who are doing it in the States now, protected from Harper taxation'.

It sounded good (but not that kind of good not to be true), I 'loaded up' and that proved fatal not only for me and my wife's account but everyone else who still has the stock.
Eagle Energy Trust 2013 Outlook

Average buying price: around $11
Price now: $7.9

And here comes the turkey Wild turkey eastern us

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