Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Single-Handedly Stopped Apple!

A few weeks (or was it months?) I bought Apple at $674.88.

When the stock was $500 I had thought it cannot go higher and it did.
But the madness must end, and singlehandedly I said would stop the rise of the Apple stock by buying it .
They won against Samsung but not against me :).

And the stock went up to $705 then as expected it started its decline. Sorry Apple shareholders!

However, yesterday I bought one share of Apple. Perhaps my curse is over, not to mention I read a few titles about the launch of iPhone 5 in China and if I am not mistaken the largest telecom company in China is going to carry an iPhone for the first time.
And the drop in the Apple share price might be attributed to the 'financial cliff'. The shareholders who have a profit decided to sell in order to pay capital gains at the current rate.

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