Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tom Demark: Apple's Stock Has Bottomed And Should Rally 22% From Here

DeMark told CNBC that his firm turned bearish on Apple right at the top, and the price action in the stock since then is more or less what they would have expected:

On September 21, we turned bearish on Apple, and it was above $700...we made a prediction that the stock would go down to $494 – $494.97, to be precise. We've held to that forecast all the way down, despite those intermittent rallies.

From Business Insider

Actually it was me who made the stock decline, read here how I single handedly stopped Apple.

I don't see Apple performing to well in the future unless they come with a iPhone bigger than they have now, similar to Huawei's 6.1" wow, I would buy now.

This is the future, a smartphone and a tablet in one, a phablet as they call it.  
I want a PHLABET.

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