Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time to Get Out of Market?

"There is a moment in every bull market when investors worry more about missing gains than suffering losses.

The current rally appears to have reached that point.

The market coasted to its sixth straight weekly advance Friday, propelled by optimism over the Federal Reserve's easy-money policies and a torrent of cash from small investors.


The advance in the market is being driven partly by individual investors, who are suddenly agog over stocks.

Enticed by the market's blistering performance this year, retail investors have poured nearly $20 billion into domestic stock funds over the last month.

Their timing has intensified worries on Wall Street about the sustainability of the rally.

Small investors historically jump into stocks long after bull markets are underway, leaving themselves vulnerable to sharp losses when an eventual downturn hits. The current rally began in March 2009."

From LA Times Stocks coast to sixth weekly advance as rally continues

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