Saturday, September 28, 2013

How BlackBerry (RIM) Failed to Adapt

Today I have read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail: Inside the fall of BlackBerry: How the smartphone inventor failed to adapt

Very sad for everyone who works there and for shareholders like me also. I mean like me because I bought at $120 and $55 and $13.

Not so sad for Thorsten Heins: Thorsten Heins' "Punishment" For Destroying BlackBerry: A $55 Million Golden Parachute

And some other executives will get nice packages if the company is sold and the new owner fires them.

I was curious to see the ad they mentioned in the article:

"The marketing campaign was confusing and vague: An ad that ran during the Super Bowl failed to explain what made the product distinct. A source close to the board said directors weren’t shown the ad before it ran, and some didn’t understand the content or the slogan, “Keep Moving.” 

Neither I liked it nor I understood it.

Will Z30 start the revival of BB or perhaps it is only a swan song?


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