Monday, June 24, 2013

Against Everyone and Everything to Express my Displeasure

I keep receiving letters from the companies whose shares I own to vote for various items.
Usually I would not pay any attention and the letters would end up in the recycling bin.

But this time I have decided to exercise my shareholder voting rights especially as you can vote online using

Formation Metals Inc. (TSE:FCO)
Bought at an average of $2.7 and the stock was $0.085 on Jun 24 so I compltely disagree with the following:

AGAINST directors, auditors, and some other items they must be of no good as the board of directors recommended 'For'. 

Bioexx Specialty Proteins Ltd (TSE:BXI)
Average buying price $1.9, the stock $0.035 on Jun 23

You guessed right, AGAINST all proposals 

Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc (NYSE:IIF)
Average buying price $22, the stock $15.90

Not so bad here with the exception that for the past 5 years IIF is down -55.1% and the Indian Index SENSEX +26.26% (I have owned to stock since 2006-2007).
Thank you very much!

AGAINST the directors (there were no other items otherwise I would have voted against them also).
I was curious and I checked the performance for the past 10 years: IIF +45.21%, SENSEX +471.76%.
Enough said.

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